New Notes on Left-Wing


1)Being a leftist is to cry out that they are for the poor and oppressed against strong and powerful elites, even when they have total power.

2)A Cuban doctor or engineer prefers to work as a waiter in Miami than to do his job in Havana. Interesting…

3)I’ve seen immigrants trying to move to USA, UK, France, Germany or Switzerland, but never to Cuba, North Korea or Vietnam. Does it mean something?

4)One of the key concepts of Marxism is the “class ideology theory”. According to it there’s no individual conscience, for conscience and thought are a product of social classes. There would be a proletarian conscience, a bourgeoisie conscience, etc. The most interesting of this is the fact that neither Marx nor Engels was proletarians, but bourgeoisies. So, according to orthodox Marxism, they couldn’t be socialists.

5)The class ideology theory is not false just about Marx and Engels. Look the social origins of Lenin, Adorno, Lúkacs, Mao Dzedong. Zhou En-Lai, Che Guevara, Sartre, Perry Anderson, Oswald de Andrade or Caio Prado Jr., for exemple. On the other side, what are the social origins of some opponents of Marxism like Eric Voegelin, Milton Friedman, Olavo de Carvalho and Pope Pius X?

6)Being a Marxist is to believe that the State will cease to exist after it concentrates all powers over society.

7)Why a Marxist state cannot tolerate religion? Because it cannot tolerate two absolutes, specially a transcendental one.

Fábio V. Barreto


Sobre Fábio V. Barreto

Católico, aprendiz de escritor, ávido por conhecimento, e outras coisas mais.
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2 respostas para New Notes on Left-Wing

  1. JP Vernieri disse:

    Perfeito, mas infelizmente estes fatos muitas vezes são insuficientes para “arrancar” alguem da cultura DO cOMUNISMO.

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