Notes on the Left-Wing



1)I don’t believe, contrary to some libertarians and conservatives, that the only reason someone can be a leftist is envy about other’s luck. The left-wing discourse can seduce for its appeal of “social justice”, “welfare for all”, “end the poverty” or “another possible world can be”. This is sensitive especially for the young, the immature, and megalomaniac people. Unfortunately, there are so many of them out there!

2)Is it true that a lot of people once saw Louis Althusser as a great thinker? And that there are people who still does?

3)Leftists use to blame capitalism for poverty, especially in the Third World. But what group of counties pursued more socialist policies: Africa and Latin America, or Western Europe and Anglo-Saxon America?

4)For years, I’ve been searching for a socialist country with consistent prosperity, political freedom and respect of human rights. I’m still searching for it.

5)Sometimes I wonder what Karl Marx would say about typical nowadays leftist: pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, multiculturalist, anti-guns rights, against tobacco but pro-legalization of marijuana, secular but with sympathies for New Age and tribal spiritualities. Would he recognize his breed or would he cry out: “Scheisse!”?

6)If” socialism is solidarity”, why there aren’t socialist countries between the most giving nations of the world?

7)Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho is right: the very reason the Marxist idea still preserves its aura of holiness and desirable ideal is in its power to work with symbols, propaganda, slogans and its strong presence on cultural circles. A cultural war against this “status quo” is a poison for it. It is most effective than any economic liberalization.

8)Since the 19th century Marxists predicts the terminal crisis of capitalism and the advent of the world socialist revolution that will free us from poverty and injustice, and create Heaven on Earth. In reality it never happened. It is like an apocalyptic cult, isn’t it?


Sobre Fábio V. Barreto

Católico, aprendiz de escritor, ávido por conhecimento, e outras coisas mais.
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