Go Forward!


Since I was a young boy I felt the tendency to remember important things to me and to be somewhat past-oriented. Memories, feelings, ideas always were very important to me, sometimes even more important than actual or most concrete things. A tendency of trying to preserve what I see as vital or “inherently me” still persists, but it is lowered considerably.

To be fully honest, I see this tendency like a brother of being intellective: rationalization, searching the causes of everything and not rest until find out the answer. These tendencies are natural and instinctive for many, not only me. It may sound beautiful, even sweet, but it is not substantially practical and it can be troublesome in a considerable scale: Life is about moving on, our road goes straight ahead, not the other way. And life is not only thoughts, memories or imagination. It is made of dynamic things and people that act and expect attitudes from us, and we cannot change this. Without looking forward, no good living is possible.

All this digression (my apologies, my dear reader), is only to say that, although I will preserve and remember my past, I will be no more a slave of it. I will say to myself, everyday: “I will go forward; I will build my life for the future, because the past cannot and will not come back”. And I recommend to everyone to do the same.

Fábio V. Barreto


Sobre Fábio V. Barreto

Católico, aprendiz de escritor, ávido por conhecimento, e outras coisas mais.
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